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My name is Mary Ingerson and I am Professional Obedience Trainer of all breeds of dogs. I also have a passion for the beauty and natural working ability of the dogs and horses I breed and train. Make yourself welcome to visiting my dogs and their accomplishments as well as the horses.


I have been a professional obedience trainer for over 20 years I breed German Shorthaired Pointers and American Quarter Horses. My GSP's compete in conformation as well as their working ability in hunt tests, field trials, obedience trials and agility trials.


All my dogs are certified by the OFFA (Orthopedic Foundation For Animals) for breeding. Please feel free to contact me for information to obedience training for your dog, and availability of puppies.


Contact me by phone at 707-315-2641 or email me.


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German Shorthaired Pointers & Quarter Horses

Mary Patrick Ingerson

Mary Patrick Ingerson  •  Phone: 707-315-2641  •  Email:  mary9003@att.net

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